to Rock Star Status

Show Your Base You’re
Tapped In & Turned On.

Americans are tired of political spin & rhetoric and hungry for an authentic voice of revolution.

Let’s face it: being a politician at this time is no easy job.
With social media running 24-7 and scandals left and right, it can feel like your every move is under scrutiny. You’ve been feeling your confidence wane and fatigue set in.

Historically, all movements that have created social change have been fueled by a spiritual context that denounced evil and instead demanded truth and justice.

We can show you how to take harsh, direct, public criticism and work it into a selling point. Having a clear, direct message before you ever hit the stage helps to bring in the voters you want, and by grabbing their attention and bringing them to their feet, you create raving fans. It’s through your ability to inspire and persuade from the stage that votes will be cast in your favor.

The Courage To Lead

You found the courage to lead… question is, do you have the courage to lead differently?

This exclusive $50,000 offer will teach you critical skills like:

  • Discover the pain-free way to ask for money and raise funds successfully.
  • Turn vulnerability into a valuable asset.
  • Learn to find the right audience for your message.
  • Raise your thoughts to whispers to a ROAR that resonates.
  • Hone your message, be authentic and win elections!

The daggers & arrows of a rebellious rock star politician’s message become the fuel of controversy and change. Learning how to tell stories, use metaphors, and inspire an audience is a lost art of the leaders and political orators of our past.

This isn’t JUST for the new politician who wants to transform politics… it’s also for coalitions, advocacy groups, and nonprofits that want to create a movement and change the system.

Ignite Your Movement.

Speaking is a key way to reach a wide audience, fast. And there’s no direct campaign or door knocking that speaks the way a live, impassioned speaker can. We love working with politicians, especially when our values are
aligned. Our track record and our passion is working with
professionals who are truly inspired to work toward
a better, kinder, more just world.It’s about impact, but you can’t make an impact without a profit. Learning to break the mold and stand strong in your full self expression is the currency or tomorrow’s new political leaders.

What if There Was
an Easier Way to Get
Your Message to
MORE People?

What if There Was an Easier Way to Get Your Message to MORE People?

What’s the number one complaint we hear from politicians trying to up their game?

“It’s so time-consuming.” “I have to be ON all the time.” “I can take criticism, but sometimes it’s a lot.”

Bottom line? It’s no longer fun. Politicians get tired, burn out, and feel like they’re being pulled in all directions. We believe that an entire segment of America longs for a return to the ideologies of honor, dignity and freedom. This requires a fresh & innovative messaging strategy void of the political echos of the past. Articulating your message with truths beyond polling allows you to stand strong and proud as a leader of your constituency.

We help you rediscover the passion and excitement that led you to public service in the first place. It’s far too simple to be wooed to the same path that other politicians walk – the courage to take a sharp right is the courage to stay true to your ideologies.

You become more relevant as a candidate when you bring rock n roll to your serious, grounded message of change. Now is the time to ignite a movement and get real change in politics!