Rock Star Speakers

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They’re Created.

Hey, Rock Star!

You’re here, and we’re so eager to tell you all about our inspiring, intensely transformative ROCK STAR SPEAKER PROGRAM!

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Because it’s going to change everything.

And now, when you sign up for the “ROCK STAR SPEAKER” PROGRAM,
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3-Day Event.

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This is unlike ANYTHING you’ve experienced…

The “ROCK STAR SPEAKER” PROGRAM is only open to a hand-selected group of exciting, motivated business owners who have the drive to attract a flood of high paying clients using speaking.

You’re DONE with spinning your wheels with complicated funnels, online marketing, social media and other marketing strategies that just aren’t YOU. You’re ready to SPEAK your path to cash!

You’ll not only learn the exact step by steps to write your Signature Talk but you’ll actually “get er done” in the course. Plus, you’ll learn how to get more speaking gigs, what to say (and NOT say) to meeting planners & event promoters to get TONS of speaking gigs!

It’s the very same PROVEN “Signature Talk Marketing” system we’ve used to generate over $5M in our own business.

The Big Impact Tribe has used this method to generate close to $20 million.

And now, it’s available to YOU!

With “Signature Talk Marketing,” you can use speaking to generate an additional six figures +. And best of all, it’s super versatile… you can take that same 90-minute Signature Talk and shrink it down to 5 minutes. You can expand it to a 3-day retreat or workshop. You can even use pieces of your talk in a 30-second intro at networking events!

We call this expansion and contraction the “accordion effect”.

Your Signature Talk becomes your money magnet and your predictable selling machine…

How cool would it be to have the CONFIDENCE & CERTAINTY of knowing every time you step foot on stage, you’ll attract a flood of ideal clients and dance your way to the bank?

Livin’ On A Prayer? It’s Time to Start Livin’ Large

So what’s included in the “ROCK STAR SPEAKER” PROGRAM?

Signature Talk Video Modules:

This is a 9-module home study course where you go through each piece of your Signature Talk, just like you were in a workshop with us, but through the comfort of your laptop!

Virtual Group “Polish Your Talk” VIP Day

with TWO 7-Figure Mentors (that’s US!) who will help you dial in your talk… all the nuances, transitional phrases, storytelling, metaphors to finalize your talk and make it sing!

“Get More Speaking Gigs” Virtual Bootcamp

– group virtual training with Mark & Shannon so you can book 5 (or more) speaking gigs in just 30 days…

VIP Ticket to “Big Impact Experience- Voice of Revolution” 3-Day Event

where you will discover the Business of Speaking & how to use the “Speak Your Path To Cash” System to generate $10K (or more) from every speaking gig…

Big Impact Experience 3-Day Live Event

Now that you have your Signature Talk done… it’s time you master the “Business of Speaking” and learn how to MONETIZE your talk!

Here’s what you get from the LIVE experience:

Thought Leadership

Until now, the journey from undiscovered expert to recognized thought leader has been left to chance. On Day 1, you’ll get CLARITY as Mark & Shannon teach you how to stop spinning your wheels, use speaking to make a bigger difference, reach more people, and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Inner-Game & Spirituality

On Day 2, you’ll step into your POWER as Mark & Shannon take you through a transformational EXPERIENCE. Finally overcome the ups and downs of business and get your subconscious mind working for YOU. Always a crowd favorite.

Business Strategy

Day 3 you’ll learn the power of sequencing and return home knowing exactly what to focus on, plus simple tweaks to increase your revenue—and your personal fulfillment—fast! Mark & Shannon’s signature “Speak Your Path To Cash” system has helped the Big Impact Tribe generate close to $20 million dollars!

The Power of Speaking

Mark and Shannon will break down the patterns of how thought leaders like Marianne Williamson and Steve Jobs used the power of their voice to ignite a movement and build massive empires. And if you’re not clear what YOUR message is yet, no worries. We’ll help you get there!

Rock Your Ideal Audience… Like A Hurricane

The “ROCK STAR SPEAKER” PROGRAM helps you master the components of successful speaking:

  • Your Signature Talk: All three components done & dialed: personal story, compelling content, and irresistible offer.
  • How to ROCK YOUR TALK onstage: How to deliver your talk with PERSUASIVE POWER! If you haven’t started speaking yet because you’re not sure what to say and you want your talk to be POWERFUL, then this secret strategy will give you the certainty you need. You won’t get this ANYWHERE else.
  • Your personal story: How to tell your personal story in a compelling way so your ideal audience instantly falls in love with you and wants to hire you right away!
  • Seamless transitions: All the transitional phrases you need to move through your talk like a PRO and know exactly what to say when you take the stage.
  • Getting booked: We walk you step-by-step through how to get 5 (or more) gigs in less than 30 days.
  • What to say (and how to say it): Get your audience fired up and clamoring to the back of the room to hire you, even if you can’t “make an offer from the stage”
  • Stage secrets: The tweak you can make to your current talk to take it from ho-hum to sizzling HOTTT and turn compliments into HIGH PAYING clients. If you’re already a speaker, this one tweak will change EVERYTHING!
  • And MORE: We include the exact scripts, templates, etc on exactly what to say to Promoters & Meeting Planners to get booked and how to overcome their biggest objections so you get on more stages.

Ask 2 Thought Leaders Anything…

You’ve got burning questions, we’ve got answers.

Do I need to be a great speaker or already speaking?

You don’t. In fact, at Big Impact Experience (the LIVE, in-person event exclusively for Rock Star Speakers) we will walk you through several FUN Speaker Skill Drills so you can practice your speaking skills and become a more powerful, persuasive speaker.

If you already are a great speaker, the “ROCK STAR SPEAKER” PROGRAM will help you hone your message even more, take your speaking skills to the next level.. and ensure you get a flood of high paying clients every time you take the stage. And if you’re not speaking yet, we’ll help you get on the court in a FUN, interactive way.

So no matter where you are on your speaking journey, we make being a speaker FUN and PROFITABLE.

How big does my list or social media following need to be?

That’s the beauty of our Signature Talk Marketing strategy: you don’t need a following, a list, or any online marketing!

Whether you have five or five thousand Facebook fans, you can use Signature Talk Marketing to make $10,000 (or more) per gig.

Consider this your permission slip to ditch online marketing and social media! In our first 10 months of business, we generated over $400K…without a website, social media, or even a business card! We’ll show YOU how to do this too 😉

Do I need to finish my book or get more certifications first?

Nope. Inside your Signature Talk, we will help you craft your credibility WITHOUT being a published author or having a bunch of credentials to your name. That said, you SHOULD be an expert and know your shit, even if you’re still the best kept secret in town.

Will Signature Talk Marketing work in my industry or where I live?

We’ve now taught thousands of conscious business owners and experts our Signature Talk Marketing System across dozens of industries and had tremendous success.

Our clients are experts in subjects from financial planning, relationships, network marketing, sex, health & wellness, politics and corporate sales, spanning the globe from Canada to New Zealand, Malaysia to Alaska.

Our clients have generated close to $20 MILLION in revenue over the last 5 years in dozens of different industries.

And guess what: YOU can too!

Are there any bonuses?

You bet! In addition to the online Rock Star Speaker training, you’re also getting a Virtual Group “Polish Your Talk” VIP Day with Mark & Shannon where you will have not one, but TWO 7-Figure Mentors giving feedback on YOUR talk. They’ll help you with transitional phrases, storytelling, metaphors, and more.

Your “Rock Star Speaker” Package also gets you access to our “Get More Speaking Gigs” Virtual Bootcamp. Inside this LIVE, online bootcamp we will walk you step-by-step through how to get 5 (or more) Speaking gigs in just 30 days.

Plus, you’ll be doing the work right along with us so you can watch the gigs roll in, FAST.

Even better, you will get to come hang out with us LIVE in Austin, TX, the live music capital of the world, for the Big Impact Experience 3 Day Live Event.

During this interactive event, we will be teaching you our “Speak Your Path To Cash” System where you will learn how to monetize your talk and grow your business using speaking.

This is where you learn the BUSINESS of speaking. Plus, you’ll get to practice speaking in a safe space with FUN Speaker Skill Drills.

Tribe Members say it’s the BEST event they’ve ever been to. They love the innovative content, FUN energy, and connecting with like-minded experts and entrepreneurs.

Where and when does the course begin?

As soon as you say YES, you’ll get access to the course right away. You’ll go through the interactive video modules from the comfort of your own home, creating a rough draft of your Signature Talk. Then you’ll join us LIVE on Zoom for your Virtual Group VIP Day where we’ll finalize your talk. We do these Virtual Group VIP Days every 6 weeks so you can choose the date that works best for you and your schedule.

Your BONUS “Get More Speaking Gigs” Virtual Bootcamp are conducted quarterly.. you’ll get all the dates & logistics in the web portal once you register. All our online meetings are recorded so if you can’t make any of the dates, you can access it at any time.

How many people will be in the course? Will I get enough personalized attention?

We’re limiting the number of people in the course so we can give you the customized attention you need. Most of the Group VIP Days have around 10 people. The Speaking Gig Bootcamp has around 30 people. You’ll get LOTS of personal attention and we’ll go through each section of your talk to make sure it’s SPOT ON.

What’s the investment?

If you do a speaking gig for a group of 30 people and only get compliments instead of paying clients… it will cost you a FORTUNE to miss out on the Rock Star Speaker Program. Do the math! Many of our clients have earned over $30,000 from just ONE speaking gig. If you do 5 gigs in the next few months without going through Rock Star Speaker, how much $$$ will you be leaving on the table?

And you could easily pay up to $30K for speaker training. Some masterminds will run you $100K. With that said… we wanted our program to be affordable to those brilliant change agents and experts that need it the most.

But the investment for the ROCK STAR SPEAKER Program is just $4995!

Most of our students make back their investment in 1 or 2 speaking gigs as long as they do the work to create their Signature Talk and actually SPEAK at gigs around town.

Is there a Payment Plan?

Yes, absolutely! You can do 5 payments of $999. But better yet, if you can do the full pay, you’ll save an additional $1000 and get the whole program for just just $3995!

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! We believe in earning our keep and keeping our promises to our customers (what a concept, right?!)

Here’s how our HOT Guarantee works: We stand behind our results with a “Get Results” Guarantee. Assuming you fully implement the program, we’ll continue to work with you until you make back your investment in the ROCK STAR SPEAKER program.